Charity Connector

Newman Cares, Inc. is proud to be in the comapny of these other great Verona-based charities and organizations doing charitable work! There are lots of people doing great work in these 2.75 square miles!

Minette's Angels

Minette's Angels logoFounded in 2004, Minette's Angels is a non-profit breast cancer foundation based out of Verona, New Jersey. The Foundation provides assistance to those in treatment, supports research, and promotes breast health awareness. We offer scholarships to second year nursing students at Seton Hall University's College of Nursing and Verona students entering the medical field, placing a priority on nursing.

Team Zoey

Team Zoey logoThe Team Zoey web site is dedicated to raising money for the Progeria Research Foundation to find a cure and develop treatments for all the kids suffering from this disease; and to share with you our Zoey as she lives her life fighting progeria.

Verona Together

Verona Together logoThe Annual Verona Charity Cornhole Tournament was created so that the great people of Verona can get together and raise some funds, as well as awareness, for a local charity... all while throwing some bags of sand into some holes cut into plywood... no... seriously...

Backpacks for Life

Backpacks for Life logoThe Backpacks for Life mission is to provide Veterans with the resources that they have trouble providing for themselves. Reintegrating into society has many obstacles and often, isn’t always easy for veterans. Backpacks For Life is the support system that homeless and at-risk veterans may not have.

Verona Foundation for Educational Excellence

Verona Foundation for Educational Excellence logoThe VFEE trustees work very hard soliciting donations to fund a comprehensive grant program designed to enhance the educational experiences of Verona’s children. The faculty and staff of the district can apply for grants that, if selected, will provide the necessary resources to expand, enhance, and enrich the classroom learning experience. In addition to individual classroom grant awards, VFEE also funds major projects that enable a school, a department, or team access to larger cash awards to further enhance a particular educational initiative.

The Junior Woman's Club of Verona

The Junior Woman's Club of Verona logoThe Junior Woman’s Club of Verona, Inc. is a versatile organization that has been involved in social and charitable work in the community since our inception in 1926. In just the past year, our nearly 60 active members worked with Verona’s local government, businesses, schools, and community members on over 20 successful initiatives.

Backyard Beer Club

Backyard Beer Club logoAside from our love of craft beer, Backyard Beer Club also has a focus towards charitable work. We support local charitable organizations by organizing events and raising money in support of those charities.