2018 Check Presentation to Minette's Angels

Minette's Angels Check Presentation

Newman Cares presented a check for $15,000 to Kenneth McKenna (center), President & of Founder Minette's Angels.

WHAT A DAY!!! Blockfest 2018 was one for the record books! Everything was bigger.

  • Volunteers stepped up and helped in every which way — THANK YOU for making a difference!
  • We had our highest attendance — THANK YOU for showing up!
  • We received the most dontains from those who could not make it — THANK YOU for remembering us!
  • We raised the most money of any Blockfest yet for the charity — THANK YOU for caring and sharing!

New Blockfest Home

The Board of Directors of Newman Cares, Inc. is pleased to announce the charity for Blockfest 2018 is MINETTE'S ANGELS.

Founded in 2004, Minette's Angels is a non-profit breast cancer foundation based out of Verona, New Jersey.

The Foundation provides assistance to those in treatment, supports research and promotes breast health awareness, which is vital to saving lives. We offer scholarships to second year nursing students at Seton Hall University's College of Nursing. We also offer scholarships to Verona students entering the medical field, placing a priority on nursing majors.


Newman Cares Mission Statement

The mission of Newman Cares Inc. is simple: We gather neighbors, friends and family for a block party filled with music, food and fun for everyone of all ages. We charge a nominal entrance fee with proceeds going to charities selected by our Board of Directors. We base those selections on any misfortune suffered by our same neighbors, friends and family.

As we are now a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, we can help other groups do good work, by providing a formal conduit for donations from their events as well as getting involved in any way we can.

Moving forward, we will continue evolving and finding new ways to help others.

We are the Block Party with a Heart!


Wish to make a contribution in someone's name? Want to help make a bigger impact? You can Make a Donation!


THANK YOU for considering a donation to the cause!


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2017 Check Presentations

2017 Check Presentation to AFSP

AFSP Check Presentation

Newman Cares presented a check for $26,000 to Elizabeth Roithmayr (2nd from right), Director, New Jersey American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

At the presentation were (from left to right), Carmen Quagliata (chef, D4D), Christine Sandy (D4D), Ariane Duarte (chef, D4D/Owner, AKB), Barkha Cardoz (D4D), Rich Brolly (VP, Newman Cares), Tommy Conroy (Pres, Newman Cares), Virginia Citrano (D4D), Rosemary Gabbe (D4D), Michael Duarte (Owner, AKB), Elizabeth Roithmayr (AFSP), and Floyd Cardoz (chef, D4D).

2017 Check Presentation to Cobra Fencing

Cobra Fencing Check Presentation

Newman Cares presented a check for $3,000 to Steve Kaplan (right), of Cobra Fencing. Tommy Conroy (Pres, Newman Cares) presented the check.